June 24, 2000 Interior Views

The great room is really starting to take shape.

Incidently, I fixed the tile picture from last week, which is taken from the same spot, but looking straight down instead of along the length of the room.

Kitchen sink is in...

...as is most of the rest of the porcelain.

The kludge. The hole in the floor (the register) stays where it is—the silver boot on the right is the register—then the duct work snakes under the rafters and back up into the space between them.

The pink tubes and plates holding them up are the radiant floor heating. They've been turned pink by the water (or whatever it is that courses through it).


Details: No room for a picture, but the utility corner gets ever more complex.

In the picture above, notice a) the heavy rafter which is supporting the hearth on the other side of the room, and b) the narrow gap this leaves, which would have been too small to move the register into. The next bay to the left could not be used because of an obstruction on the other side of the room, and of course we could not go to the right because of the hearth itself. So even if we had noticed in time, this would have taken a major rethink, because the register would by then be a long way from its current position.


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