June 24, 2000

Slow progress this week. These light fixtures (spot lights in the middle, carriage lamps on either end) are the only change on the outside.

These lamps are a standard—every house has the same.

We used this keyless entry system for the first time today. This unit is beside the garage door, and allows you to lock the house but not to have to carry keys—when you walk the dogs for example.

Here's this week's interior shots...

Details this week: Not much. I spoke to the plumbers on Monday and they reckoned they'd only need two days. By Friday there were still items to install. The electrician had put in some fixtures in (a random selection) but he has a loong way to go.

Steady progress in the basement. We agreed on a compromise plan for the air-conditioning shaft which crosses the room. It is a little ugly on the side of the room, but then it tucks itself out of the way as it crosses the room.

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