June 17, 2000 Interior Views

I lied about the threshold last week. We just couldn't tell through the paper. In other words, they completely ignored our input. There is a metal strip dividing each room from the other. It looks okay, the worst part is that it is exactly what I didn't want.

Here's the line in the floor, with the greenish kitchen tiles on the left, the redish great room tiles on the right.

Master bath was the last to get tiled.

Here's a similar shot to last week, but now you can see the brick hearth, and the tile floor..

Cabinets done. Tiles grouted. The holes in the cabinets are waiting for sink (on the right) stove top (far left) and oven and microwave (left).


Details: I don't know if you can tell on your monitor, but the walls are what I would call butter yellow. Not at all what we were expecting. Nor was the fact that they have not painted the ceiling the same color (ceilings are white).

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