July 1, 2000

The path to the front door has no straight lines—after this curve it bends back to meet the square illustrated below. Trust this will meet the approval of the Feng Shui inspectors. The entire area inside the path will be prepared beds/shrubbery.

I presume it will be wider than this, judging by the width of the bed, and the stacks of bricks still waiting to be laid.

The path finally ends up here. I'm hoping that this configuration will make it relatively easy to extend the path to the other side of the house if/when we decide to do so.

About the only thing left on the outside (other than the porch) is this lamp fixture. There's an electrical outlet below it, and the two mysterious in/outlets above.

Here's this week's interior shots...

Details this week: The kitchen appliances were delivered on Monday, and are mostly installed. The cook top hood is the major outstanding item. Electricals also made a lot of progress.

Outside, I noticed that the external power outlets are in, as are water connections and a number of other in/outlets for which I have no idea as to their purpose. Some of this could have been done earlier and I just did not notice. The path to the front door was making progress while I was there on Friday.

The Fabric Place came and measured up for shades. We ordered the ones for the master bedroom/bathroom. The rest will be on hold for a decade or so. The landscaper also visited. I showed him what I'd thought about, and he told me what was wrong with that. He'll draw up a long term plan, most if not all of which will have to wait until we've dealt with the outstanding items on the shades list.

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