July 8, 2000

At last! The post is in.

Hopefully this thing keeping it off the ground will ensure that it lasts for hundreds of years.

The roof. We're going to leave it "natural" so it will just have a clear varnish. Just one of the electrical jobs still to be done is the fixture which can now be installed over that hole.

Here's this week's interior shots...

Details this week: Two weeks to go.

We had the first walk through. A little early, because Claudia is away next week. Odd things still need to be done: there's a faucet missing in the master bath, there are holes and dings in the plaster, some rooms appear not to have received the second coat of paint, the rubber seal on the bottom of one of the garage doors isn't as wide as the door. And so on. We agreed not to redo the driveway until after we've moved in, so that the top coat cannot be ruined by any of the trucks that will visit between now and then.

The telephone line was installed.

We discussed the Cat-5 cable (telephone and computer lines). Dan said someone else had something similar, and the solution was two punch-down blocks, so you can just move wires from one block to the other as you switch from voice to data. Sounds great to me.

The "irrigation engineer" did not call.

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