July 8, 2000 Interior Views

The chandelier was in last week, but I forgot to take pictures.

Some of the fixtures are a little crooked, but this will get fixed we hope whent he bulbs are changed to frosted (as ordered).


Details: I'm running out of things to photograph as we come down to the wire here.

We chose some handles for the refrigerator doors that were unique, I liked them a lot, and they were discontinued five minutes before we needed them. None of the stores nationwide have any left in stock. And now there's no time to research the problem, so we'll have to go with a far-from-best back-up plan.

Perhaps the most serious issue brought up in the walk-through is a drop in level in the tiles between the great room and the foyer. Maybe the tiles will get lifted and reset.

The cook top hood is still not installed: two extra parts needed to be ordered for the extractor vent.


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