April 22, 2000

So the doors are mostly in (front door still not installed), and the mason has done his stuff. The chimney looks great...

...and so does the front porch/stoop.

A fairly gloomy shot of the steps. There are more gloomy shots of the mason's work on the interior page this week...

Here's this week's interior shots.

Details this week: another fairly unproductive week. But the mason has been, and has made a beautiful job of the porch, the fireplace, and the brick wall on the chimney side of the mud room. The chimney has been built up to and through the roof, and the basement section has been cement plastered. The slab for the fireplace is laid, and the brick surround built.

The patio doors are in, as are the basement doors.

The garage has been graded and levelled ready for its slab. It's nearly a foot higher than it used to be, which will help with the number of steps needed to get into the house (it'll need less now).


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