June 17, 2000

I don't know if you can tell the difference, but now the top coat of paint is done. Not quite sure how they can be finished when the pillar is still missing (in fact the whole "inside" of the porch area is unfinished)...

...as you can just see at the top of this shot. Door painted, temporary hardware installed (they've started locking the place up at night).

Nice summer evening.

Here's this week's interior shots...

Details this week: Tiles have continued again. This time they are pretty much done. Tiling and grouting complete everywhere. Hardwood floor is laid and complete except for a section on the bridge. (still needs to be sanded and varnished.)

Ground floor air-conditioning is being installed. As predicted, it runs the length of my play room, thus lowering the ceiling somewhat for that section. What I'm less happy about is a duct that will run across the basement room just where the hearth slab is—which it will have to go under. If they'd moved the hole in the floor a week ago, it could have been hidden in the rafters beside the hearth, but now the tiles are fitted around the hole, so we've missed the boat.

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