Newbiggin to Kirkby Stephen-Sunday 23

No pictures today, because there was a snafu with the camera. So here's an opportunity to show a few of my favorite extras from the last couple of days. It's a short walk anyway, terrain much like yesterday, except that there are ten of us walking--all our visitors have decided to walk with us today, since it is a reasonably short distance. It's a big group.

But I also wanted to show one of my favorite bridges, so until we get the (non) digital film developed, I've taken the (illegal) liberty of scanning in a postcard I bought...

...of Smardale Bridge "a once important crossing" We pause on the bridge and a man offers to take the picture. He claims to be a professional. I hope we'll reap the benefits of that.

Rachel asked me why I was checking the map, even though we were behind everyone else. It made me realize that Wayne and I had an unspoken but mutually understood method: whoever was in front blazed the trail, whoever was behind checked the path for himself. If there was agreement, nothing was said. If the back marker disagreed, he called a halt, we discussed the options until we agreed, then set off again.

No arguments, no recriminations, no points. It's a great system. We've both missed (and therefore led everyone astray) only two or three times in a week, and the furthest deviation from the route that this has caused was about four hundred yards. The others were less than one hundred.