A Coast-to-Coast diary of Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk

  L a k e D i s t r i c t    Y o r k s h i r e D a l e s       N o r t h Y o r k M o o r s

This Web site commemorates the Coast to Coast walk undertaken by Adam, Alexis, Claudia, Marty, Richard and Wayne in the summer of 1998.

  • Preface explaining how we came to be making this trip in the first place
  • The diary.
  • The players
  • Wayne's bird log
  • hotspots for daily pages on banner above
  • and a brief history of the Web site.

Start here, or the diary, or click on any of the dots on the map above to jump to a specific spot. One last thing. Click on any of the illustrations in the main body of text to see a larger version of the image.

Web site: Richard Thomson. Maps/photos Adam Thomson. Illustrations & graphics: Martin Boeker © Richard Thomson 1998, 1999