Kilimanjaro: Day 8

The Barranco Valley

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Night stop: Karanga Camp
Elevation: 13,231 ft
Gain: (1,982) ft

Trek Time:
6.9 miles

The cook
Prepares lunch crammed into the only shade he can find.

Circling high enough that s/he's in and out of the clouds, speck though it is, you can still make out the distinctive wedge-tail.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Doug Day


This morning you will descend into the majestic Great Barranco Valley, amidst the forest of giant groundsels, between sheer cliffs with brilliant hanging glaciers. After lunch at Barranco Camp, you begin a scramble up the steep ‘Barranco Wall’. You then traverse up and down the slopes of valleys, which have carved their way into the mountain’s southern face. Kibo’s glaciers loom above to your left, and the jagged peak of Mawenzi appears just over the southern slthe Karanga Valley at the end of this day.

Onwards and upwards
Brian taunts me about the fast approaching wall. I'm distracting myself from rock-throwing by taking yet another giant groundsel picture.

Lobelia deckenii again
Remember the little ones from the Shira Plateau? Here's a bigger one.



One more (valley) to cross
Karanga camp is on that far ridge. But first we have to go waaay down into the Karanga valley, and back up the other side again. The path is clearly visible, but Karanga Camp is still an hour away.

Karanga camp—Mick's eye view
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Mick Lemmerman


White-necked Raven s'more
It's an ass shot, so I must have taken it.

Who but Bruce?
Not sure why the silhouette is so obviously Bruce, but the shorts are certainly a dead giveaway.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Steve Cory

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