Kilimanjaro: Day 6

Shira 2

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Night stop: Shira 2 Camp
Elevation: 12,795 ft
Gain: 1,296 ft

Trek Time:
36h 30m
6.9 miles

BG with Andrew at his knee
BG strikes the classic RT pose.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Brian Gourlie

Wild turnip


Full-day exploration of the Shira plateau. Trek east toward Kibo’s glaciated peak. Arrive at Shira 2 camp (Fischers’s Camp). Shira is one of the highest plateaus on earth, averaging 12,500 feet.

Random cairn
This one...
... courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Bruce & Sheryl Kuo

Giant Lobelia, or Lobelia deckenii
These are pretty small specimens as you can see. Compare and contrast to those we'll pass in the Barranco Valley (the day after tomorrow).

Streaky Seed-Eater



Waldo leads the pack
The variety pack: simba and tembo climb together.











Wilson shows bravura...
... and I'm a wuss, or was that the other way around: he has a death wish and I'm Joe Sensible Shoes?


Dusky Turtle Doves
Classic ass shot.

Kilimanjaro Express
It takes six people to run in earnest. It was apparently used twice after we summited, but fortunately no one from either of our parties needed to ride.

White-necked Raven
You can just make out the white collar. From here on these guys were hanging about wherever we were hanging about.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Wayne R Munns

Nice evening shot of Shira 2
The camp I forgot.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Doug Day


Five-Line Skink
Followed by...
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Doug Day

... Four-Striped Grass Mice
You can't make this stuff up, but seriously we should be if the naming folks can't do better than this.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Wayne R Munns

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