March 25, 2000 Interior Views

Master bedroom skylight, and the alcove we had them put in while they created the fire access to the area above the bathroom.

Inside the master bedroom, looking across the bridge to the bathroom window in the left, and the back bedroom on the right. The cathedral ceiling in the master bedroom comes down to regular height in the middle of the picture. The loft is behind it.

Standing in the back bedroom, looking towards the front of the house, and up into the loft access.


Details: Some of the basic wiring is in, but otherwise the big deal this week is really the finishing of the framing, so you can walk into all the cupboards, and see how big (or small) the rooms are going to be. Also, having the skylights in seems a major step forward. Glass in the holes looks a lot more finished than the holes (some of which were even boarded up to try to keep the weather out).

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