March 25, 2000

Not a lot of difference on the outside, because the framing is nearly complete.

The windows have a strip of Tyvak around them, which apparently has something to do with making sure it gets right up under the frames.

Skylights are in. The first of the glass.

Last view of the roof before the shingles go on. (They are stacked in front of the house, waiting to go up.)

Here's this week's interior shots...

Details this week: a water-shed week. The framing is finished so everything else can begin.

On Tuesday we spent two hours doing the electrical walk through: going through the house room by room with the electrician deciding where every power, telephone, TV, and computer outlet belongs, as well as every light and every switch plate, and the behavior we expect from each of them.

We made some last minute decisions with the framers (for example an alcove in the master bedroom) and the plumbers dug the holes for the basement bathroom (and the sump and pump needed to raise the grey water to the sewer outlet). Looks like a beer barrel.

When we returned on Saturday, the basement plumbing was in, though the basement looks like a bomb site, and the electrical work had started, though we haven't signed for all the extras we appeared to need. Ironically, one of the first things to go in was the 220 outlet I asked for (and was charged extra for) next to the fuse box. I asked why it had the wrong type of cover on it (220 volt outlets come in different flavors) and was told that it was for their own power tools. So everyone gets one, I have to pay to stop them taking it out?


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