April 8, 2000 Interior Views

Finally bought a camera with a flash. Here's the sump pump.

And here's the plumbing for the bathroom that runs into the sump pump. Note the nice smooth basement flor, which has now been poured.

And here at the other end of the house, is the second air conditioning/heating unit. Looks like a sleeping dragon. Hopefully it will wake up to breath fire next fall.


Details: There's really no change to the outside of the house this week. There are still three windows (two in the master bedroom, and one leading up the stairs) and all three main doors to be installed. The doors (front, deck, and basement) have been delivered, but they're still in their boxes. The front door is the wrong unit, but we like what they sent, (there's more glass in it) so we'll probably keep it.

The cedar siding is also on site. Naturally, the vinyl siding we'd found was more than twice as expensive as the ordinary expensive brand, and would therefore have cost ten times what we could justify.

It is a pity that the siding, doors and windows are not in place, because the weather has been terrible this weekend, and it is depressing to see the water running down the inside of the windows, and flooding the floors.

The basement floor is in, and looks nice and smooth. There's a water pump installed on it already. Likewise the front porch has a foundation. Presumably the rest will be done with brick. The mason has made no progress on the chimney.

Meanwhile the plumber's and electrician's work looks reasonably complete. Also, the central vacuum ductwork is in. They've made a nice job of that, even providing an outlet in the garage. The humidifier is accommodated but not actually installed in the wall of the front bedroom (from where it will be able to humidify the whole house). With all of that, plus the duct work for the air-conditioning, the walls are looking fairly stuffed with amenities.

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