Kilimanjaro: Day 4

Wagons Ho!

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Night stop: Forest Camp
Elevation: 9,281 ft
Gain: 5,081 ft
3,381 ft on foot!

Trek Time:
3h 15m
5.6 miles

SpO2 is defined and complete tables of these daily numbers can be found on the Statistics page.

Road to the trail head
One of the smoother sections as it turned out.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Doug Day


After a hearty breakfast and a climb briefing, you’ll be transferred to the Londorossi Gate (5,900 ft) to begin your climb. This first trekking day is through dense rainforest (approx. 80 in. precip/yr), under the tangled canopy of moss-coated vines which are home to the black & white colobus monkey, blue monkey, and a vibrant array of exotic birds. Arrive at your camp set in the lower heather belt, and enjoy a hot dinner in the mess tent.

Um, he's helping with traction?
Mick captured the spot where we saw the folks on the inside climbing out of the windows on the left, either escaping or helping with ballast.
Photo courtesy and
Copyright © 2010 Mick Lemmerman



Impatiens kilimanjari
The guides rapidly clued in to my need to capture all things Kilimanjaro...

Kniphofia thomsonii
...or Thomson. Grown in western, temperate gardens, better known as Red-Hot Poker.



RT Smiling?
Two hours in, and all is well.

For my memories.

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Copyright © 2010 Richard Thomson

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