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The Day I Ran

With The Big Dogs

Saturday June 16 2012

Never before and never again. As the t-shirt proclaims: 148 miles for a Harpoon. Actually I had two.

9hrs 6mins in the saddle, a little over 10 hours total elapsed. Avg speed 16.2mph. If that doesn't sound much then you are either one of the big dogs or you haven't tried it.

2572 miles since starting training on 13 Feb, and only once beat 16mph, on an 18 mile sprint. I'm very very happy.

Absolutely not possible without the unwavering support of my crew Claudia, John, and Eve, who drove me in every sense of the word. Now back to the beer.

That's probably all you need to know, and I don't blame you. But for my own recollections later, the pages on the left record every detail I could remember from the day. Feel free to poke around if you wish.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to Harpoon Brewery for being such great hosts, for all the great photos and graphics they generously gave their blessing for me to use, and for Harpoon IPA, one of the world's great beers.