What can I do for you?

Every point of contact with your customer—the application, the documentation, the technical support—is an opportunity to build customer loyalty. It stands to reason that these contacts should provide a polished, seamless, united front.

There's always going to be a place for hard copy documents—even if it is just to be a brick adding weight to a shrink-wrapped box. It is also comfortable, portable, familiar and reliable—the words don't disappear when the power goes off.

There are plenty of reasons readers resist going to the Web.  But just like any other medium, if there is a compelling enough reason to switch allegiances, people will switch.

So what I'm interested in is marrying the best of both of these worlds. Want that patch or driver shipped overnight (you hope), or would you prefer to download it directly, now?

Technical Support is a notoriously expensive part of an organization. Quotes of $30 to $70 per call are common. But just as documentation explains problems in the software, Technical Support explains problems with the documentation. Want to wait 45 minutes listening to the holding-pattern muzac, or would you prefer to find the answer on our Web site—now?

If that problem is generic—an error—then many people are going to have the same problem, and it cannot be fixed until or unless the document is reissued. Or it can be published and available planet-wide in a few seconds.

I bring 20 years of innovative documentation solutions to the table. I'm interested in opportunities to exploit the best of printed and online media to turn customer problems to your advantage.

The Web is a moving picture in a still-photography world. They are both images, but movement is the power of the one, permanence and transportability is the power of the other. Online and offline, documentation can be exploited mutually to both you and your customer's benefit.