May 6, 2000

Wow. we finally bought a real (digital) camera. Twice the quality, in half the time, and zero development costs. I even took some old shots again. Now I've seen the results, I'll take more of the outside too.

Meanwhile, this is the floor heating. Installed in the walls.

Here's more of it, and the piles of sheet rock ready to go up next. The insulation is in, and the place is completely dead acoustically.

I'm glad I'm not lifting those sheets onto that ceiling (they must be 12 ft boards, onto a 19 ft ceiling). there must be 500 miles of insulation in the place.

Here's this week's extra interior shots...

Details this week: there's no more wrapping than last week. But meanwhile they've put in all the insulation. This doesn't make any sense to us, so we have a question in to the site foreman.

The wall/floor heating is a surprise also, as is the note you can see tacked to the fireplace which explains that they've finished, despite the fact that there is no pipe work in the whole of the back wall (left of the picture immediately above).

So a reasonable amount of progress, though in some fairly alarming areas. Hopefully the outside will start to catch up with the inside during the next week. Meanwhile, while we're still getting rain, it is confining itself to over night showers, leaving the daylight hours warm and bright.


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