March 11, 2000

The garage and the master bedroom window above. The outline is basically complete at this point.

Completed view from the back.

This is taken a little further back than usual (it's taken from the street), but it gives a better idea of how the house sits on the lot.

Here's this week's interior shots...

Details this week: Much more of the roof line is in, so the house is pretty much in its final shape. But there's still plenty of roof work to do: not all the rafters are in place at the master bedroom end, and there's almost no internal structure to hold them together. It's therefore hard to move around because of all the extra supports everywhere. There's even a false ceiling over the great room to ease access to the roof.

The great room is complete enough to see where the skylights go, but not the one in the master bedroom. We're a little worried about the hole left for one of the windows--it doesn't look big enough, but the windows looking out to the back (great room and kitchen) all clearly have wonderful views.

On Thursday we spent some time in the basement with the site manager, plotting out where the bathroom should be roughed in, but no work was done it.

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