January 2000

Not a lot of progress in January. We're finalizing plans, and one can't get planning approval from the town until these plans are drawn and signed. The septic is connected, and the well is drilled and plumbed, but that's about all the progress we made on the ground. Everyone seems very happy with the well: it's only 140 ft deep (which sounds like a problem to me, but I'm assured not) and it's giving up 20 gallons a minute. 10 - 12 gallons is said to be very satisfactory.

This is the back yard. Actually its towards the bottom of the yard, but there's so little to see that it isn't worth recording yet.

The important thing about this picture is what you can't really see: the pond. The white area through the trees is the pond. Today it is frozen over solidly enough for ice-fishermen to be out on it, and last week we saw an ice hockey game in progress.

Inside the basement from the front left corner, looking diagonally to the rear and the walkout.

Front yard.

The stick on the left marks the septic system, which by late January has been connected in.

Back yard. Standing in roughly the same spot as the top picture, but now facing the house. The basement walkout is in the foreground.

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